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More than just another fashionable umbrella.

Welcome to Rainmap. Enjoy exploring our site. We hope you will like our new city umbrella as much as we do.

rain protection:

High-quality, compact size
and wind-proof.

To make sure you always reach your destination dry and happy, quality is particularly important to us. We want you to enjoy our city umbrellas for a long time. And that's why we made them wind-proof. The next gust of wind will come for sure.



In every detail.

  • Inversion-proof - for maximum wind protection.
  • Double-layered - for optimal rain protection.
  • Non-slip handle - for perfect grip.
  • Compact - perfect size for every bag.
  • High-quality - for long-lasting pleasure.

The perfect

Focused and good-looking.

At night all cats are grey - and so are rainy cities. Our colourful umbrellas will make you smile, thanks to our motto "light blue instead of grey" and the great design.

  • Practical - the city map always in sight.
  • Flexible - one hand free for your camera.
  • Innovative - new and collectable.
  • Friendly - happy colours that make you smile.
  • Special - an umbrella design that makes sense.

Rainmap recommends:

City umbrella instead of city map.

Each city is unique. Explore them with something they all have in common - Rainmap. Come and see:
Bremen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Leipzig and Nuremberg.

About us.

And about our umbrella.

About us: Rainmap is Jessica Kohl, Daniel Serrano and Holger Kohl.
The idea: Was born in 2010 during a rainy lunch break. We were watching tourists, who tried to make pictures while holding umbrella, map, handbag and camera. Looked funny - was inspiring.
What happened next? The company was founded in 2011.
The first umbrellas were produced in 2012 for Hamburg and
in 2014 they were introduced to the market in all of Germany.
And now? We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback, looking forward to more cities. Suggestions are always welcome.
More information and images?
You can download our press kit here:
Download press kit

Questions, Requests, Suggestions?

We are here for you.

Jessica Kohl
(Sales and Marketing)
+49 (0) 151 235 240 49
Company Orders, Special Requests, New Cities?

From additional Logo-print (minimum 100 pieces) to the production of a new city (minimum 1500 pieces), we make it possible.
Don't hesitate to ask.